Our approach, to helping you build your business, is based on developing a practical plan that is critically focused and based on achievable but aggressive tactics. Specific steps include:

An Assessment of Your Current Marketing and Business Development Actions

A review of all of your marketing and business development actions that includes participation of all internal layers involved [management, sales/marketing staff and operations leadership] to understand successes that need to be built upon and to uncover any struggling initiatives that need immediate attention.

Market Research/ Analysis

Specific investigations to determine your strategic approach to market segments using client-satisfaction and image evaluation, target-market understanding and competitor position analysis.

Targeted Marketing

Improve your success rate by uncovering your competitive advantage and leveraging your position in your target markets.

Differentiation From Your Competitors

Building a differentiation strategy that separates your firm from your competitors by creating an

environment that helps your prospective clients understand why your firm can provide them with better solutions to their problems and needs.

Go/No-Go Understanding

Working with your staff, we’ll develop appropriate tools to evaluate sales opportunities to understand when you should pursue the prospect and when you should pass on the opportunity. “Passing” is never easy but often necessary. Knowing when to walk away is critical to utilizing company resources to their best advantage.

Marketing Communications Strategy

Together, we’ll pull it all together by developing a clear plan which aligns your internal business development resources and establishes a strong brand within the marketplace. Using the wide array of electronic and hard copy media, we’ll help you communicate with your prospects and clients to get your message and differentiators more clearly articulated.